Monday, November 1, 2010

CMBM returns to Haiti this december

Faculty members Dr. Naftali Halberstadt and Dr. Rhonda Adessky will join an international team in Haiti this winter.  Check back at our website for more updates!

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התמחות במודל עבודה קבוצתי המקנה גישה וכלים לריפוי עצמי בקמפוס ציפורי יער ירושלים

המרכז להכשרה במיומנויות גוף ונפש  והמרכז למנהיגות אזרחית – קמפוס ציפורי

מזמין אנשי חינוך, רפואה ומטפלים אחרים להתמחות במודל עבודה קבוצתי המקנה גישה וכלים לריפוי עצמי, הן למטפל והן למטופל. המודל מבוסס-מחקרית ונמצא יעיל בהתמודדות עם מצבי דחק ממושכים ועם תגובות פוסט-טראומתיות.

מועד המפגשים: בימי ד':  17:00-20:00

מחיר לשלב א': 1750 ש"ח


מידע נוסף:


תאריך פתיחה

תאריך פתיחת הקורס: 15/12/10

סיום הרשמה: 18/11/10


סידורי הרשמה

לקביעת ראיון אישי ולטפסי הרשמה לקורס:

נא לפנות לאביטל, רכזת הקורסים בקמפוס ציפורי



לחץ כאן למידע נוסף

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Monday, October 11, 2010


BGU President Prof. Rivka Carmi, meeting with the directors of CMBM and TCMBS extended an invitation to participate in the BGU-IDF Home Command project, "PREPARED."   TCMBS has offered to train PREPARED staff and volunteers in mind-body techniques for their own self-care as well as to train appropriate volunteers to become mind-body group facilitators. Read more about the program here: PREPARED

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Naftali Halberstadt shares his impressions of Haiti

After his trip to Haiti, Naftali wrote some of his thoughts about his time teaching volunteers to use Mind-Body skills:

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mind Body Skills Come to Haiti via Israel

Naftali Halberstadt of the Training Center Mind-Body Skills is currently in Haiti, helping with the Humanitarian aid effort that followed the devastating earthquake of January 2010. Before he left, he spoke about his expectations and what he hoped to accomplish during his two week visit.

In Preparation for Haiti from Mind-body groups on Vimeo.

Naftali reports from Haiti

I’m getting up to speed here. I already sat in on a workshop with a group of students. It's very interesting.  It's a whole different cultural panorama here.  The students describe themselves as thinkers rather than doers, which might explain a lot about the shape of the country even before January. 

The landscape is pure destruction but the people are incredibly positive. They walk amongst the rubble and tent cities immaculately dressed and well-kempt. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Running a workshop for Sulha today

The Sulha Peace Project, a grassroots organization, inspired by the
indigenous process of mediation (“Sulha”), aims to rebuild trust, restore dignity and move beyond the political agenda.

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